The Cinema Guide

The movie experience shouldn’t be just about going to see a good film, it should the whole thing. From the moment you step into that cinema, your journey should begin, from the staffing, ticket area, price and whole cinematic experience.

As part of my love of cinema, I get the opportunity to travel around to different places to view these movies and so, as part of the service here at Stu Loves Film, I have decided to give you a guide to the good, bad and the downright ugly when it comes to the actual places of movie worships, be they a chain or independent. I’ll be completely honest. If I have a bad experience, or I feel that the cinema is not up to scratch, then I will say. If, on the other hand, it’s a beautifully managed, homely cinema then it will be praised to the hilts!

Cinema is all about escapism, entertainment, enjoyment and every cinema in the land should understand that policy.

If there is a cinema that you either love or loathe, then leave a comment and I will visit and give my opinion on these very pages.


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