Top Ten Worst Screen Double Acts

With Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone teaming up for the frankly unexciting Grudge Match, time for a look at some dubious screen double acts that just haven’t worked. As usual, these are only my opinions and I am sure there are loads more out there. Drop me a line in the comment box below if you want to add yours.

10. Father’s Day (1997)

This should have been a pair made in heaven. Two screen comic heavyweights together in a film lacking in humour as Robin Williams and Billy Crystal play men conned by the same woman that one is the father to a wayward son. Instead of letting them do their thing, they were badly reined in by a mediocre script.

9. Made In America (1993)

A black woman discovers that the sperm donor for her daughter was white. Comedy that had a decent idea at the heart of a very weak script and teamed up (then) off-screen partners Whoopi Goldberg and Ted Danson. Even the inclusion of Will Smith couldn’t save this from being humdrum.

8. Another 48 Hrs (1990)

While they worked so well in the original 48Hrs, this delayed sequel had Eddie Murphy’s name ahead of former lead Nick Nolte, which only meant one thing: the ego had landed. It lacked any of the chemistry of Walter Hill’s first film and was badly received by both audiences and critics alike.

7. Another You (1991)

They were the perfect comedy partnership but with Richard Pryor’s ailing health, it was left to Gene Wilder to almost go solo in this bizarre and unfunny comedy about mental health issues. With Peter Bognadovich jumping ship as director, this was to be Pryor’s final film and Wilder hasn’t made one since.

6. Cop Out (2010)

Bruce Willis and director Kevin Smith’s didn’t see eye to eye while making this so-called cop comedy as he teams up with 30 Rock star Tracey Morgan. The pair barely work in a film that wants to be 48 Hrs but lacks any laughs or excitement.

5. The Bounty Hunter (2010)

Oh the hilarity! A bounty hunter finds out that his next job is to find his ex-wife. This wannabe Midnight Run comedy had the mismatched partnership of Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. A team made in heaven? Er, no as they had zero chemistry.

4. Shanghai Surprise (1986)

Hard to believe they were once married but Sean Penn and Madonna in a film together was like watching a table and a chair for an hour and a half. A film that didn’t know what it wanted to be: action adventure, romance, comedy, drama, it was nothing more than a mess.

3. Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot! (1992)

Cobra meets The Golden Girl as Sylvester Stallone plays a tough cop whose overbearing and embarrassing mother comes to stay. Cue plenty of unfunny gags about being a mummy’s boy, Estelle Getty lost her wise-cracking persona from the TV show to be plain annoying. Even Sly looked like he wanted to leave.

2. Gigli (2003)

A massively misguided mess of a film as hottest couple at the time Beniffer (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez) are cast in this inept road movie from the man who gave us Beverley Hills Cop and Midnight Run. Horrible from start to finish, it can’t now be looked at as a warning that partners should never make films together.

1. Jack And Jill (2011)

The worst double act of all time has to be Adam Sandler and Adam Sandler. Playing brother and sister, this woefully unfunny and frankly painful so-called comedy should only be played to those as punishment. Having Al Pacino falling for female Sandler must be a career low. Awful!

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