Top Ten Worst Films of 2021

With the good must come the bad and this year, while the quality was there, it also had films that you just wanted to go away. For some reason we had sequels to films we never asked for and family films seem to be the producers of the worst. Please remember that this list is my own opinion. You may think I am mad by my choices but I have seen enough films this year to know what works and what doesn’t.

10. Guns Akimbo

Daniel Radcliffe has always gone for interesting and different projects since leaving Harry Potter behind, and on paper this sounds intriguing. A man wakes to find he has guns attached to his hands and a killer after him. Yet this boring, often ridiculous film just left me feeling cold.

9. Old

M. Night Shyamalan is back to his old tricks again. Giving us a premise that sounds great but delivering a pile of nonsense that leaves you wondering why you bothered. This time an island retreat that makes everyone old. Don’t ask why, you’ll only get angry.

8. Mortal Kombat

The popular computer game is back with a reboot that no one wanted. An hour of fighting, with the blood count high but lacking anything else but more fighting. Might as well play the game instead of watching this nonsense.

7. My Octopus Teacher

I don’t understand the love for this documentary. I found the whole experience creepy. A man, who we are all supposed to feel sorry for, spends his days’ scuba diving in South Africa, who befriends an octopus. What makes this film so weird is you feel if he could have an affair with the creature he would.

6. Tom & Jerry

The most famous cartoon double act are back in a live action comedy that isn’t particularly funny and tarnishes the memory of the great shorts this cat and mouse duo starred in. Avoid.

5. Dear Evan Hansen

I know the love for the show is huge but this film version was awful. Nothing in this movie was remotely emotional and the songs were completely forgettable. If it has any credit, it’s the fact that Julianne Moore was terrific and it wasn’t as bad as Cats.

4. Addams Family 2

Did we really need a sequel to an animated film that squeezed every last gag out of the dark humour of this family. Like all sequels, the laziness of the scriptwriting led them to take the family on holiday. Like that has never been done before!

3. Space Jam: A New Legacy

The original Space Jam was mildly distracting but this was nothing more than an advert for Warner Bros. Witless and lacking any entertainment whatsoever, LeBron James was terrible and why would any family film have the nuns from Ken Russell’s controversial The Devils ever watch a basketball match?

2. Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

Humourless, vile and dull sequel which wastes a talented cast by giving them a script in which they do nothing more than swear. Even Samuel L. Jackson looks like he’s there for the cash.

1. House of Gucci

How can a great director like Ridley Scott produce such a mess? A 2 and a half hour bore in which Lady Gaga has to do all the heavy lifting while the other cast members like Al Pacino and Adam Driver look like they’ve wandered in from different movies. Let’s not forget Jared Leto’s dreadful performance. All together now, let’s have a chorus of Shutta Up Your Face!