Top Ten Troubled Girls

With the release this week of Spring Breakers, we have a top ten of troubled females. There were so many I could have chosen from, with the film noir femme fatales of the 40s but I thought, they deserve a top ten of their own, so that’s coming soon. Instead, these are girls with very twisted or troubled minds

10. Excision (2012)

One of last year’s triumphs as far as horror was concerned, with AnnaLynn McCord giving an incredible performance as Pauline, a very disturbed young lady who dreams of being a surgeon in order to save her sister, while going to the extremes to please her over demanding mother, a knock-out performance from former porn star, Traci Lords. Bloody and gory to the max, Pauline certainly a girl out of control.

9. Heathers (1988)

Glorious black comedy with Winona Ryder as a young girl desperate to fit in with a three-headed monster, all called Heather. She meets rebellious Christian Slater who hatches a plan to dispose of the Heathers. Highly regarded in the cult circles, Michael Lehmann’s film is more about social acceptance than violence but Ryder’s Veronica maybe all sweetness and light but…

8. Monster (2003)

Charlize Theron walked away with an Oscar for her less-than-glamourous portrayal of real-life serial killer, Aileen Wuornos.  Suffering all kinds of abuse, she left a trail of dead bodies while forming a lesbian relationship with Selby. Christina Ricci is equally good as the awkward female companion  but if you want to view the real Wuornos, then Nick Broomfield’s infamous documentary of her time on death row, Aileen: Life and Death of a Serial Killer is a must.

7. Wild Things (1998)

These girls in Wild Things are certainly up to no good. Neve Campbell and Denise Richards play the manipulative teenagers who first accuse Counsellor Matt Dillon to rape but then later are part of a more devious plan. John McNaughton’s devilish crime thriller has more twist and turns than a cork screw and a cast including Bill Murray and Kevin Bacon who are all on top form. Now more famous for a certain kiss between the female leads.

6. Single White Female (1992)

At a time when Hollywood were obsessed with twisted killers who get close to their victims, Single White Female was one of the best, as Jennifer Jason Leigh moves in with Bridget Fonda and becomes fixated with her that she wants her life. While it’s obviously not the greatest film in the world, it certainly does the trick as Leigh is brilliantly creepy and I do secretly wish Bridget Fonda would make more movies.

5. Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill! (1965)

Russ Meyers’s notorious 60s exploitation thriller has three strippers causing havoc in the desert when they kidnap a girl and head to a house where they plan to manipulate the male owners. Meyer’s first mainstream movie didn’t receive a certificate in the UK till 1980 and has gone on to be Meyer’s most famous and popular films, especially in the cult circuit. The performances aren’t amazing but it includes all the things Meyer loved: Speed, sex and violence!

4. Kiss Ass (2010)

Based on the popular Mark Millar’s graphic novel about an ordinary boy who dreams of becoming a superhero is famous for including the foul-mouthed and ultra-violent Hit-Girl, who is more than just a little girl. Chloe Grace Mortez became an almost overnight sensation as the superhero. With Kick Ass 2 coming and Mortez taking on Carrie later this year, it could be her time to go to superstardom.

3. Thirteen (2003)

A nightmare for any mother with a 13-year-old girl, this is a cautionary tale of what could happen when your daughter mixes with the wrong kind of friends. The film brought Evan Rachel Wood to the attention as the rebellious girl who, with a little peer pressure, goes from sweet, innocent thing to sex and drugged fuel monster.

2. Badlands (1973)

Sissy Spacek plays the young girl captivated by the charms of James Dean fanatic Martin Sheen as the young teenagers cross America on a killing spree, in Terence Malick’s impressive debut. With Spacek and Sheen on top form as the mismatched youths, this is a beautifully shot yet without any judgement on their behaviour. An important movie of the 70s.

 1. Carrie (1976)

Sissy Spacek’s second entry is a milestone in horror, as the troubled Carrie White, a young girl bullied for her religious upbringing and soon discovering she has telekinesis powers which come into deadly use when publically humiliated. Piper Laurie as her mother is a superbly deranged performance and Brian De Palma’s impressive use of cinema has turned this into a masterpiece of modern terror. Will the remake match up to this gem?

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