The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)

Director: Tom Six

Starring: Dieter Laser, Laurence R. Harvey, Eric Roberts, Bree Olsen, Tom Six, Clayton Rohner

Written by: Tom Six

Running Time: 102 mins

Cert: 18

Release date: 10th July 2015

I have to see all kinds of movies in order to bring you reviews and comments. Sometimes they are outstanding. Other times mediocre. Often than not, pretty poor. Sometimes you have to watch a movie that the moment the film begins, you know that it isn’t going to be a pleasurable experience. One of these times is for The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence). A film with no moral reasoning for its existence except to shock and disgust. It certainly did that. To the point that, for the first time ever on, we have a zero out of five.

Prison warden Bill Boss has his own ideas of how to punish his harden criminals. Wanting to use torture and humiliation tactics do not seem to affect them. With the governor breathing down his neck for results, Bill Boss listens to his accountant, Dwight, to watch the Human Centipede films and to turn his 500 strong prison into a mass human centipede.

I really don’t know where to start. For those not familiar with the Human Centipede films, they are written and directed by Netherlands born Tom Six, in which unwitting victims are sewn together, face planted in the behind of another, to form a human centipede. Film one was devoted to the overall idea. Film two in which a member of the public, obsessed by the first movie, makes his own and now this. As with each passing film, they get more and more depraved. This one takes the biscuit.

Sometimes there can be a fine line between trash and entertainment. This film manages to surpass even the trashy. In the relatively short running time, we get an amateur castration, waterboarding with boiling water, a sickening rape scene and, well you get the picture. Director Six states that he wants to push the boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable in cinema. Frankly, this isn’t acceptable anywhere.

Quite a few films have “pushed the boundaries” and managed to get away with it by some moral argument or redemption at the end. Lars Von Triers’ Antichrist took you way beyond what was acceptable yet collectively with strong lead performances and a sense that this was art, it managed to shock as well as make us respect it. Even the early John Waters films, trashy and cheap as they were, have some truly unacceptable sequences that to this day still shock, yet they have become essential cult viewing. I can’t see how anyone can appreciate this pile of vile, pretentious garbage.

Six hasn’t made this to push any form of boundaries. He has made this to be notorious. To be held up as the new king of schlock cinema. Sorry but to do that, you must have some class and this has none. In fact, I’m not quite so sure what is more offensive: the contents or Deiter Laser’s excruciating performance.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the worst performance ever in a movie. That of Deiter Laser, a man who spends the whole film, shouting every line to the point of inaudibly. Having played the mad doctor in the first film, now he is Bill Boss, this grotesques prison warden who treats his secretary, former porn star, Bree Olsen, with complete disdain, while gleefully inflicting pain and torture on his inmates. Laurence R. Harvey, who played the lead in the second film, now plays Dwight. Looking like a short Oliver Hardy, he’s just as awful.

Wait. Isn’t that Eric Roberts as the governor? Yep. Even Julia’s brother has fallen into the trap. Obviously needing the money for something, his brief time proving that he is far better than the material. And if you want a touch of ego, there’s an appearance of Tom Six, as himself, coming to the prison to say that the centipede is medically possible.

I despised this terrible film. It has nothing to offer of moving cinema forward. It has nothing to add to the culture of horror. It has absolutely no reason to exist. Even one of the prisoners in the film, after watching the first two films, exclaims that they should be banned. No true word was ever said in jest!


(By the way, you may have noticed no trailer and no stills from the film. I refuse to give it the same attentions that far better films receive).


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  1. movieblort says:

    Solid review, and echoes my thoughts entirely. I’m still trying to comprehend what I have seen.

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