TV and Streaming – Thursday 8th July 2020


It’s Thursday, which means Movie Weekly is back tonight at 10 on www, so I hope you can join me.

As Disney+ are not releasing new movies as quickly as the other streaming services, and I have exhausted all the recommendations, I will be returning to the streaming service only when something new appears. Amazon Prime, Netflix and Now TV will still have regular updates.

Stay safe, look after yourself and Happy Thursday.


Original Machete Movie Poster - Robert Rodriguez - Danny Trejo ...


Starring: Danny Trejo, Robert De Niro, Jessica Alba, Steven Seagal, Michelle Rodriguez

Thriller, Crime, Adventure

After being set-up and betrayed by the man who hired him to assassinate a Texas Senator, an ex-Federale launches a brutal rampage of revenge against his former boss. Brutally violent exploitation movie that started as a fake trailer on Grindhouse. Strong bloody violence throughout, language, some sexual content and nudity.

Desperado - Original Cinema Movie Poster From ...


Starring: Antonio Banderas, Joaquim De Almeida, Salma Hayek, Steve Buscemi

Action, crime, thriller

Former musician and gunslinger El Mariach arrives at a small Mexican border town after being away for a long time. His past quickly catches up with him and he soon gets entangled with the local drug kingpin Bucho and his gang. Brutal action movie. Strong bloody violence, sex and language.


Secret Garden (The) - Original Cinema Movie Poster From ...


Starring: Kate Maberly, Heydon Prowse, Andrew Knott, Maggie Smith

Drama, Fantasy

A young, recently-orphaned girl is sent to England after living in India all of her life. Once there, she begins to explore her new, seemingly-isolated surroundings, and its secrets. Loving adaptation of the classic children’s story. Very mild threat.

30 Days of Screenplays, Day 3: “Jane Eyre” - Go Into The Story


Starring: Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender, Jamie Bell, Sally Hawkins

Drama, Romance

A mousy governess who softens the heart of her employer soon discovers that he’s hiding a terrible secret. Beautifully shot version of the classic novel. Mild violence and brief injury detail.


Film review: 'Widows,' dir. Steve McQueen | Arts And Leisure ...


Starring: Viola Davis, Carrie Coon, Elizabeth Debicki, Colin Farrell, Michelle Rodriguez, Daniel Kaluuya

Drama, Crime, Action

Set in contemporary Chicago, amid a time of turmoil, four women with nothing in common except a debt left behind by their dead husbands’ criminal activities, take fate into their own hands, and conspire to forge a future on their own terms. Superb crime thriller from director Steve McQueen. Strong violence, sex, very strong language.

Walt Disney's "The Happiest Millionaire" (1967) Stars: Fred ...


Starring: Fred MacMurray, Tommy Steele, Greer Garson, Geraldine Page

Musical, Comedy

A happy and unbelievably lucky young Irish immigrant, John Lawless, lands a job as the butler of an unconventional millionaire, Biddle. His daughter, Cordelia Drexel Biddle, tires of the unusual antics of her father–especially since the nice young men around town all fear him. Wouldn’t you fear a father-in-law that keeps alligators for pets and teaches boxing at his daily Bible classes? Energetic Disney musical.


Waterloo (1970) | Old movie posters, Film posters, Historical film


11am Sony Movies Classic

Starring: Rod Steiger, Christopher Plummer, Orson Welles

Action, biopic, war, drama

Facing the decline of everything he has worked to obtain, conqueror Napoleon Bonaparte and his army confront the British at the Battle of Waterloo. Impressive epic war drama. Mild violence.

Distant Drums (1951) - IMDb


11am Film4

Starring: Gary Cooper, Mari Aldon, Richard Webb

Western, Action, Drama

After destroying a Seminole fort, American soldiers and their rescued companions must face the dangerous Everglades and hostile Indians in order to reach safety. Routine western with the always excellent Gary Cooper. Mild violence.

Island of Terror Movie Poster Image | Top 100 Sci Fi Movies


11am Horror Channel

Starring: Peter Cushing, Edward Judd

Horror, Sci-Fi

An isolated remote island community is threatened by an attack by tentacled silicates which liquefy and digest bone and tissue. Forgotten British horror movie. Mild peril and violence.

Tales of Vienna (With Coquette) - The New York Times


11.15am Talking Pictures TV

Starring: Anthony Quayle, Anton Walbrook, Dennis Price

Musical, Comedy

Disguises, tricks, and every kind of deception combine to reveal a would-be cheat in hot pursuit of his own wife, much to his chagrin. Forgotten Powell and Pressburger musical. Mild violence.

Keep Watching The Skies!: THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD (RKO 1951 ...


1pm Horror Channel

Starring: Kenneth Tobey, Margaret Sheridan

Sci-fi, horror

Scientists and American Air Force officials fend off a bloodthirsty alien organism while at a remote arctic outpost. Classic sci-fi that inspired John Carpenter’s 1982 The Thing. Scary scenes, mild horror and peril. Black and white.

The Swimmer (1968) Burt Lancaster's Swimming Trunk Odyssey ...


1.40pm Sony Movies Classic

Starring: Burt Lancaster, Janet Landgard


A man spends a summer day swimming as many pools as he can all over a quiet suburban town. A strange drama with a solid performance from Burt Lancaster. Mild language and sex references.

Alvarez Kelly - - Your stop for original ...


2.50pm Film4

Starring: William Holden, Richard Widmark, Janice Rule


During the Civil War, Mexican cattleman Alvarez Kelly supplies the Union with cattle until Confederate Colonel Tom Rossiter’s hungry men force Kelly to change his customers. Two great leads star in this routine western. Mild violence.

UK Auctioneers | Auction Catalogues


3.35pm Sony Movie Classic

Starring: Burt Lancaster, Montgomery Clift, Deborah Kerr, Donna Reed, Frank Sinatra

War, Drama, Romance

In Hawaii in 1941, a private is cruelly punished for not boxing on his unit’s team, while his captain’s wife and second-in-command are falling in love. Oscar-winning wartime drama. Mild violence, sex references and language. Black and white.

CARRY ON TEACHER Original UK Quad poster | Picture Palace Movie ...


5pm Film4

Starring: Ted Ray, Kenneth Connor, Leslie Phillips, Charles Hawtrey


Pupils run amok at Maudlin Street School in an attempt to hang on to their headmaster. He has applied for a new job, but the students like him and don’t want to lose him. Fun early entry to the Carry On series. Mild sex references and comic violence. Black and White. THE COURT JESTER MOVIE POSTER! Angela Lansbury/Danny ...


5.25pm Talking Pictures TV

Starring: Danny Kaye, Basil Rathbone, Glynis Johns

Comedy, adventure, musical

A hapless carnival performer masquerades as the court jester as part of a plot against an evil ruler who has overthrown the rightful King. Hilarious comedy with Danny Kaye on cracking form. Mild comic violence.

Birdman of Alcatraz (1962) | Birdman, Bob peak, Saul bass posters


5.55pm Sony Movies Classic

Starring: Burt Lancaster, Karl Malden, Thelma Ritter

Biopic, Drama

A surly convicted murderer held in permanent isolation redeems himself when he becomes a renowned bird expert. Superb prison drama with a subtle lead in Burt Lancaster. Mild violence. Black and white.

Back To The Future Part III (1990) British Quad film poster ...


6.45pm Film4

Starring: Michael J. Fox, Crispin Glover, Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson

Science Fiction, Adventure, Comedy, Western

Stranded in 1955, Marty McFly learns about the death of Doc Brown in 1885 and must travel back in time to save him. With no fuel readily available for the DeLorean, the two must figure how to escape the Old West before Emmett is murdered. Third and final part of the trilogy. Mild violence, mild bad language.

Blowing Wild, poster art | Dimitri Tiomkin


7.25pm Talking Pictures TV

Starring: Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck

Action, Adventure, Drama

In South America, when Jeff Dawson and Dutch Peterson’s oil rigs are dynamited by local bandits, the two partners resort to risky transportation of nitroglycerin to raise money. Exciting adventure with two top names in the lead. Mild violence and sexual references. Black and white.

Wedding Singer (The) - Original Cinema Movie Poster From ...


8pm 5*

Starring: Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler, Christine Taylor

Comedy, Music, Romance

Robbie, a singer, and Julia, a waitress, are both engaged, but to the wrong people. Fortune intervenes to help them discover each other. One of Adam Sandler’s better comedies. One use of strong language and moderate sex references.

Frighteners (The) - Original Cinema Movie Poster From pastposters ...


9pm Horror Channel

Starring: Michael J. Fox, Trini Alvarado

Comedy, horror, fantasy

After a tragic car accident that kills his wife, a man discovers he can communicate with the dead to con people. However, when a demonic spirit appears, he may be the only one who can stop it from killing the living and the dead. A very funny comedy horror from Peter Jackson, the director of the Lord of the Rings. Moderate bloody violence and language.

Mackenna's Gold 1969 (With images) | Gold movie, Western movies ...


9pm Sony Movies Classic

Starring: Gregory Peck, Omar Sharif, Telly Savalas

Western, Adventure

A bandit kidnaps a Marshal who has seen a map showing a gold vein on Indian lands, but other groups are looking for it too, while the Apache try to keep the secret location undisturbed. Tough western action with a good cast. Violence, mild language and sexual content.

U.S. Marshals - Original Cinema Movie Poster From ...


9pm ITV4

Starring: Tommy Lee Jones, Wesley Snipes, Robert Downey Jr.

Action, Crime, Thriller

U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard and his team of Marshals are assigned to track down Sheridan, who has been accused of a double-murder. Exciting sequel to The Fugitive. Strong violence and language.

Darkman wallpapers, Movie, HQ Darkman pictures | 4K Wallpapers 2019


9pm Sony Movies

Starring:  Liam Neeson, Frances McDormand

Action, sci-fi, thriller

A brilliant scientist left for dead returns to exact revenge on the people who burned him alive. Superhero movie from the director of The Evil Dead. Strong violence, language and gore.

The Sporting Film - Borg Vs McEnroe — The Sporting Blog


9pm BBC Four

Starring: Shia LaBeouf, Sverrir Gudnason, Stellan Skarsgård

Biopic, Drama, Sport

The story of the 1980 tennis rivalry between the placid Björn Borg and the volatile John McEnroe. Fascinating insight into on of sports greatest rivalries. Strong language.

Harlow (1965) - IMDb


9.10pm Talking Pictures TV

Starring: Carroll Baker, Martin Balsam, Red Buttons

Biopic, Drama

A screen adaption of the blistering best-seller which examines the story of platinum blonde bombshell Jean Harlow (Carroll Baker) who rose to fame in the reckless Hollywood of the 1930s. Fascinating insight into classic Hollywood.

Island (The) - Original Cinema Movie Poster From ...


10pm 5*

Starring: Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johansson

Sci-Fi, Action, Thriller

A man living in a futuristic sterile colony begins to question his circumscribed existence when his friend is chosen to go to the Island, the last uncontaminated place on earth. Flashy Michael Bay sci-fi thriller. Strong language, moderate violence and intense action.

The History Boys (2006) | Catling on Film


10.40pm BBC Four

Starring: Richard Griffiths, Francis De La Tour, Dominic Cooper, James Corden

Comedy, Drama

An unruly class of gifted and charming teenage boys are taught by two eccentric and innovative teachers, as their headmaster pushes for them all to get accepted into Oxford or Cambridge. Superb screen adaptation of the hit play by Alan Bennett, Language and sexual content.

DRACULA (1958) Original Vintage Hammer Horror Style A Bill Wiggins ...


11.10pm Horror Channel

Starring: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Michael Gough


Jonathan Harker begets the ire of Count Dracula after he accepts a job at the vampire’s castle under false pretenses, forcing his colleague Dr. Van Helsing to destroy the predatory villain when he targets Harker’s loved ones. The first Hammer horror film. Moderate gory horror.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) Movie Review - YouTube


11.20pm Film4

Action, adventure, sci-fi, drama

Starring: Andy Serkis, Jason Clarke, Gary Oldman

The second of the rebooted series sees Ceasar (Andy Serkis) and the apes living in woodlands until the humans arrive looking for power. Brilliant addition to the successful series. Moderate violence, threat, infrequent strong language.

American Sniper | American sniper, Sniper, Movie posters vintage


11.40pm ITV4

Starring: Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller

War, Drama

Navy S.E.A.L. sniper Chris Kyle’s pinpoint accuracy saves countless lives on the battlefield and turns him into a legend. Back home with his family after four tours of duty, however, Chris finds that it is the war he can’t leave behind. Powerful war drama directed by Clint Eastwood. Strong language, violence, threat.

Steaming - Original Cinema Movie Poster From ...


11.45pm Talking Picture TV

Starring: Vanessa Redgrave, Sarah Miles, Diana Dors


Three female frequenters of a steam room decide to fight its closure. Joseph Losey’s film version of the hit play. Strong sexual references, nudity, language.


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